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Biochemistry course is an integral part of all life science training. It is one of the most difficult disciplines and is the bottleneck of the basic module in most training. The most challenging part of learning biochemistry successfully is understanding and memorizing the reactions with the structural formula of the molecule and understanding the systemic network of these reactions.

Put a new perspective on Biochemistry

BiochemCity is a language-independent mobile application that breaks the past practice and tries to provide a new concept to teach biochemical core material.

3D Open World

BiochemCity is a 3D open world game and it’s concept is based on the fact that metabolic pathways can be conceived as a real road network, illustrating the metabolic connection points, the junctions, the real connections between the parts  that are far apart in the curriculum.

Walking on the metabolic pathway.

150 Reaction Formulas

In a 3D night city, a number of various, high-quality biochemical mini-games – hidden in street lamps – help in practising biochemical reactions. Successfully solving the mini-games leads to the discovery of the whole city, and thus master biochemistry.

More light, more knowledge.

Incredible Experience

BiochemCity guides the user through a labyrinthine network of metabolic pathways in a revolutionary new “edutainment” environment, providing a successful alternative learning strategy for one of the most difficult disciplines.

Amazing way of learning.

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